Meet the executive team of the KATUTURA FASHION WEEK:

Mr. Dennis Hendricks, Founder and Director, IG @hendricks2350
Ms. Bella Veiko, Co-Director, IG @belaveiko
Mr. Dieter “Dante” Geruschkat, Project Manager, IG @dieter.geruschkat

FB @katuturafashionweek

IG @katuturafashionweek

TW @katuturafw

YT @UCZI1G4GvVgGueedt1YjXfNA


Call for fashion designers, jewelry designers and accessories designers for the KATUTURA FASHION WEEK in Windhoek, Namibia the end of September 2019.

Trailer: Call for designers
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About Katutura Fashion Week
Katutura Fashion Week (KFW) is a dedication in so many ways of bringing fashion to the people as well as uniting cultures through fashion. Especially embracing the talented local designers from all walks of life in Namibia, to showcase just how much talent the country has, and at the same time identifying potential models across the country to give them a chance to be a part of this experience and to diversifying fashion avenues.
Katutura Fashion Week is envisioned to become the most influential fashion platform in Namibia, which will happen on an annual basis. Katutura Fashion Week will promote Namibian designers, and give an opportunity to emerging fashion designers through all 14 regions of the country a chance to showcase and receive the necessary exposure which can help in catapulting them into a bigger market. The end goal of Katutura Fashion Week is to have designers from around the African continent and even all over the world wanting to come and showcase in the land of the brave.
The first KFW will take place in Windhoek, Namibia on September 26/27/28, 2019 under the wonderful slogan: “Uniting Cultures through Fashion and Bringing Fashion to the People.”

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Official KFW song:

Meet the management team of the KATUTURA FASHION WEEK:
Senior Coordinator
Sharon Mutale

Media coverage
Jati Indongo

Social Media Manager
Nisha Tuahepa

Communication Manager
Niita Onesmus

Head of photography
Risto “Epanda Rizzy” Nghambe
IG @epanda_rizzy

Head of designers
Fidelis Usigbe

Co-head of designers
Karen Nakamba
IG @afrikawala_fashion

Models Coordinator
Cheez Uahupirapi

Kids Models Coordinator
Emmanuel Musonda
IG @emmanuel.musondatrobertos

Ajax The Mess

Exhibitions Coordinator
Alexandra Obey
IG @alexandra_obey

Exhibitions Coordinator
Zahid “Perfecto” Rooinasie

Alina Kadhila
IG @s.t.a.r.19

Head of security
John Paul
IG @joao_paulofficial
FB @johnpaul

Financial department, booking, and reservations
Tilomwene Namhadi

Sponsorship and investor applications
IG @naha.neumbo

Ticketing Agent
Maria Amwaama

Accommodations and flights reservations
Jennifer Theodor

Accommodations and flights reservations
IG @ellaluv01

Graphic designer

Graphic designer
Robert N. David

Graphic designer

Catering (food & beverages)
Jessica Namhadi

Catering (food & beverages)
Tuayoo Namhadi

Meet the designers of the KATUTURA FASHION WEEK:

Meet the performing artists of the KATUTURA FASHION WEEK: