Photography by User: MrX [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Market launch phase
Be one of the first 1000 customers to be included in our catalog!

What is Gherushcat?

1. Gherushcat is an international evening/event makeup service brand with a certain standard and style.
2. Gherushcat consists of the affiliated makeup artists (MUAs), all of which are certified.
3. Each affiliated MUA works in cooperation with Gherushcat (in the field of evening/event makeup) independently in their own name and for their own account.
4. Each affiliate MUA represents the service brand Gherushcat in a brand collaboration in evening/event makeup.

What is Gherushcat doing?

1. Gherushcat creates stylish evening/event makeup for its customers in many countries around the world through its affiliated MUAs.
2. A first salon is planned from March 2018. An international orientation and expansion is being considered.
3. Each Gherushcat salon is equipped with a well-established cosmetics brand that has been active in more than 60 countries around the world for 25 years and acts as a distributor for them.
4. To ensure the same standard, joint regional workshops are held regularly for all affiliated MUAs.

Offer for the market launch phase

1. There is a market launch phase until September 2018 to be well established.
2. All connected MUA grant in the area of evening/event makeup from now until September 2018 for the launch a half price (50% discount, normal price = 40 EUR / market launch price = 20 Euro per evening/event makeup). Be one of the first 1000 customers to be included in our catalog!

The image and social media

1. For MUAs connected, a higher-level brand is very advantageous, as awareness and image are significantly increased for each MUA attached.
2. By having the highest possible presence in social networks, by posting the work results (with tags), the overall image of the Gherushcat brand will be very strong.
3. Before a connected MUA starting work customers must agree to post at least one tagged photo of the finished work on their own social media profile (two tags: one hand to the MUA and the other to Gherushcat). Gherushcat and also an affiliated MUA should post at least one tagged photo of the finished work (two tags: one to the customer and the other to Gherushcat, or to the affiliated MUA).
4. Customers with a high level of social media awareness (over 10,000 followers) are regularly treated free of charge.