The beauty and fashion platform

What is Gherushcat all about?

As a beauty and fashion platform, GHERUSHCAT offers potential customers worldwide: designer fashion, designer accessories, beauty care products, and furthermore services of make-up artists, nail artists, and hairstylists. That happens on all possible channels; from online promotions and fashion shows to retailers.

– Gherushcat is a worldwide beauty and fashion platform
– Gherushcat is a mediator between agencies, the media, producers, designers, models, and consumers from all over the world
– Gherushcat wants to reach out to fashion industry professionals, decision-makers, the media, fashion and accessories designers, beauty care producers, models, and customers worldwide
– Gherushcat has activities not just on the internet but also in the real world, on regional, national, continental and worldwide levels
– Gherushcat has two brand ambassadors in each nation
– Besides brand ambassadors, Gherushcat has an unlimited number of brand affiliates around the world
– Brand ambassadors represent the products of the designers and producers that are working with Gherushcat
– The executive board of Gherushcat consists of founder and CEO Mr. Dieter Geruschkat and five continental managers representing every continent
– Gherushcat is looking monthly for a MISS GHERUSHCAT and MISTER GHERUSHCAT in every nation
– There can be only one monthly MISS/MISTER GHERUSHCAT for each nation and only one annual MISS/MISTER GHERUSHCAT worldwide
– Title holders become brand ambassador or brand affiliates in their nations to convey the values concerning the agency statement of Gherushcat

The agency statement

– Gherushcat wants to strengthen the awareness of beautiful fashion ideas
– Gherushcat wants to promote the ability to present an impressive fashion to an audience
– Gherushcat wants to encourage each fashion model to be confident in who they indeed are regardless of heritage, race, religion, orientation or worldview
– Gherushcat wants to state that the truth is that everyone is beautiful in their ways
– Gherushcat wants to inspire people of the world to see the beauty in each culture that fashion models represent
– Gherushcat wants to broaden a worldwide movement of proud and responsible fashion models
– Gherushcat wants to strengthen the image, fame and name recognition of the title holders and all participants