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we are looking monthly for

Become a MISS/MISTER GHERUSHCAT fashion model and brand AMBASSADOR or brand AFFILIATE for your country!

  • Invitations from executive jury member Dieter Geruschkat with announcements of dates are guaranteed as long as you do the two-step application immediately!
  • There will be ultimately only one monthly MISS/MISTER GHERUSHCAT for each nation and only one annual MISS/MISTER GHERUSHCAT worldwide.
  • Be published for free in our NETWORKS.
  • Be a brand ambassador or brand affiliate in your nation of the values we want to convey through the MISS/MISTER GHERUSHCAT title (AGENCY STATEMENT).
  • Be a brand ambassador or brand affiliate that represents the designers and beauty care producers that are connected to us.

With the MISS/MISTER GHERUSHCAT fashion models project we, the JURY and the AMBASSADORS, want to

  • Strengthen the awareness of beautiful fashion ideas.
  • Promote the ability to present beautiful fashion to an audience.
  • Encourage each fashion model to be confident in who they indeed are regardless of heritage, race, religion, orientation or worldview.
  • State that the truth is that everyone is beautiful in their own ways.
  • Inspire people of the world to see the beauty in each culture that fashion models represent.
  • Broaden a worldwide movement of proud and responsible fashion models.
  • Strengthen the image, fame and name recognition of the title holders and of all participants.

Our JURY and our AMBASSADORS can each select monthly one male and one female candidate from their country. Each month our JURY awards one MISS GHERUSHCAT and/or one MISTER GHERUSHCAT for a country.

Out of all monthly MISS/MISTER GHERUSHCAT the one with the most likes on Instagram will win the annual title of MISS/MISTER GHERUSHCAT. The best ten photos are scored.

Photos of a monthly MISS/MISTER GHERUSHCAT will be permanently published on our own Instagram profiles for the purpose of participating in the annual MISS/MISTER GHERUSHCAT fashion models contest.

To apply for a monthly title just fill out this form and send it. Please send 10 fashion photos of (only) yourself including a short description of the worn outfit separately to

What conditions potential fashion models contest participants need to fulfill?

  • Should be conscious of beautiful fashion.
  • Should have a public Instagram profile.
  • Should have some beautiful fashion photos of themselves on their Instagram profile.
  • Should fill out the fashion models contest application below and send it.
  • Should send 10 different fashion photos of only themselves not covering their face by email.
  • Should have appropriate rights for publishing the photos and agree that they will be permanently published in our NETWORK.
  • Should accept that we, the JURY and the AMBASSADORS, announce and publish anytime and anywhere about title holders.
  • Should be active in some way to convey the values that are connected with a MISS/MISTER GHERUSHCAT title (AGENCY STATEMENT).
  • Should have a visionary attitude towards the future of fashion and be “on fire” in order to work for it.


You were invited by jury member Dieter GeruschkatMaddie MitchellNone

You were invited by our ambassador from this country

According to your sex for which title do you apply? MISS GHERUSHCAT titleMISTER GHERUSHCAT title

Your Nation where you are a resident or a citizen of (please choose wisely; in case you can become our AMBASSADOR to this country)


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